What is LivingIt?

LivingIt has as it’s vision to expand the lived experience of
Ubuntu and Unity consciousness.
We use film, art or any other practical methods to do so.


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The Ubuntu Youth Film Festival use film as:

1) An instrument for social change;
2) A way to build bridges between different social layers in our society, pairing learners from different backgrounds for training;
3) An agent for transformation of participants;
4) Training and skills development.

The Purpose of our Project:

The core of our crumbling social structures, prevalent in South Africa, is a lack of inter-connectivity and humanness. This results in severe social and environmental issues. We believe we are living in a time where the old is crumbling, and something new, at the same time, is being born.

Underneath this new birth lies a moment of inspiration, a moment of insight in a single human being. This moment carries with it an inner conviction that change is possible. Movies are great social influences, and film has the potential to inspire, to turn the axis of alignment inside of a person – the powerful beginning towards the new.

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